Flaunt's Guide to Surviving Friday's Blood Moon

by Flaunt Magazine

The longest lunar eclipse of the century is creeping up on us this Friday and with it comes all of the superstitious omens that everyone and their mother ever told you about-- doomsday, complete apocalyptic destruction, you name it. So, considering the care and appreciation we have for our readers, we think it’s only appropriate to suggest you prepare for the worst by locking yourself in a basement. Before you go running downstairs, we first want to give you some extra background knowledge. The term “blood moon” comes from the rusty-colored glow the moon emits during certain lunar eclipses. According to a very specific prophecy explained by a group of Christians, if this glow is present for four consecutive lunar eclipses that happen to also fall on Jewish Holidays with six full moons in between, it means that the end of the world is approaching. Well guess what? The prophecy has been fulfilled before and although we have survived the potential destruction of the human race before, an apocalypse is not something we joke about here at Flaunt, ever.


In all seriousness, because the eclipse is a full moon as well as an eclipse, it’s potential powers will be heightened. Astrologically speaking, lunar eclipses are meant to shed light on events going on each person’s life. This can differ in the sense that for some, things that need to fall apart will fall apart and things that need to come together will come together. This lunar eclipse is in Aquarius so pay close attention to how your perspectives may change over the upcoming week and remember to be aware of the fact that the eclipse may be able to wipe your emotional slate clean, resetting all emotional baggage from the past six months.

Regardless of what you want to believe, the eclipse will be happening this Friday over a period of an hour and 43 minutes. To aid in the experience, we suggest you grab your closest friends, head to that basement, sip on some refreshing beverages (Bloody Mary’s if you want to be especially thematic) and jam to our carefully curated playlist that happens to be exactly an hour and 43 minutes. Get ready to set the mood for the beginning of the end of time. Or just a really cool natural phenomena.

Find our Blood Moon Playlist below!

  1. Witchy Woman- The Eagles

  2. Time of the Season- The Zombies

  3. Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones

  4. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper- Blue Öyster Cult

  5. Spirit In The Sky- Norman Greenbaum

  6. Moondance- Van Morrison

  7. Walk On the Wild Side- Lou Reed

  8. The Sounds of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel

  9. Pink Moon- Nick Drake

  10. People Are Strange- The Doors

  11. Graveyard’s Full- The Growlers

  12. Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins

  13. The Element of Surprise- The Last Shadow Puppets

  14. Sugarman- Rodriguez

  15. Let It Happen- Tame Impala

  16. I Don’t Know You- The Marias

  17. Black Car- Beach House

  18. Lovesong- The Cure

  19. Where’d All the Time Go?- Dr. Dog

  20. Shadowboxer- Fiona Apple

  21. Marwa Blues- George Harrison

  22. Vertigo- Mini Mansions

  23. Telephone Line- Electric Light Orchestra

  24. House of the Rising Sun- The Animals

  25. Goodbye Stranger- Supertramp

Written by Lotus Kaufman and Louisa Solarz