1988's Heathers Gets a Remake With An Edgy, Modern Take

by Flaunt Intern

If you haven’t seen '80s cult classic Heathers, you must watch it before continuing to read. One of the greatest films of all time is being remade into an edgy, modern television show. The snappy, attitude and murder-filled 1988 film is sure to keep all of the drama and remain just as juicy.

As revealed during the 2017 Video Music Awards, the Heathers have gotten a makeover in this updated version. Heather McNamara, originally portrayed by Lisanne Falk, is reborn as an African-American lesbian played by Jasmine Mathews. Shannon Doherty's character, the head Heather (Duke) is reborn by Brendan Scannell, who plays a queer Heath'. Lastly, Heather Chandler played by Melanie Field (Kim Walker in the original) is reborn as the same strong, head Heather, but plus sized.

This new update is definitely a hard attempt at providing an opportunity to marginalized groups to be seen and represented. While a plus sized rude ring leader, black and gay woman and queer character are truly underrepresented members of our society, placing them in a Heathers remake all together may not have been the best choice.

Some may love this revamp, others will give it a chance and decide over time, and many know that they don’t like what’s coming. Twitter users were not shy in sharing their first reactions to the Heathers 2017 trailer, posting OG 1988 gifs in response. The 10 episode reboot set to debut in early 2018 so the Vintage vs Modern Remake debate will have to wait.

Written by Alexandria Johnson