Father John Misty Performs at The Greek Theatre

by flaunt

 Last night, Father John Misty- also known as Josh Tillman- played at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. The first four sounds of his set were from his latest album, Pure Comedy, which included tunes  about a variety of different, yet very relatable topics like love, and ridiculed subjects such as religion, technology, and human existence.

On stage, Father John played the part of both a rockstar and narrator to the audience packed crowd, but his personality is what truly won everyone over. Dancing in front of strobed backlit lights to instrumental solos accurately displayed his charismatic behavior- and we were loving it.

It goes without saying that Josh Tillman puts on an engaging show.  He is silky smooth as he slides from one end of the stage to the other, all while twirling his mic and keeping the audience begging for more.


Photos by Jose Cervantes