Saint Laurent Presents Vaccarello's Vision for Winter 2017

by Sid Feddema

Footsteps echo in the dark among underground parking lot pillars. Out of the darkness a figure emerges, sharply dressed and wielding what looks like a weapon. This is no usual fashion featurette. The film features a crisp black and white setting, charged with the inescapable cool of the energy féminité and music á la Bond, with a nod to unforgettable '70s rockstar sensibilities. Rounded spotlights shine above her in the vacated structure as she raises what turns out to be a daringly designed arm's-length clutch and thrashes the air as if to cut the tension with a knife. Intercut with visuals of her subtle skin, poised stance mid-row, a climax has ensued. Winter is here.

Vaccarello seduces audiences in the new Winter 2017 fashion film by filmmaker Nathalie Canguilhem. Featuring British/French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Winter 2017 Campaign signals a turn toward sharp construction and reveals an understated assertion of chic French glamour. On his vision, Anthony said, "I love Monsieur Saint Laurent's subversive approach to his clothes, his dark romanticism with a hint of perversity. I wanted this collection to be like a re-reading, a radical fantasy of this heritage." Vaccarello's signature compressed dress length highlights his expertise in feminine framing and the striking pointed shoulder detail brings forth a sense of contemporary wearable art. Portraying a deeper sensibility of sound, light and evening dress, Saint Laurent captures a raw moment in #YSL09 by Anthony Vaccarello.

Written by Sandra Colton-Medici