Cara Delevingne's "Do You" Puma Campaign Gives a Voice to Next-Gen Powerful Women

by Chelsey Sanchez

“In January this year, I went with Puma and the UNHCR [United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees] to go visit several refugee camps in Uganda,” says model and actress Cara Delevingne, clad in a red, black, and white Puma jumpsuit, in her new clip for the athletic apparel giant. She sits cross-legged on a gray, tufted sofa as the camera cuts to a close up of her face. “It was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had in my life.”

And so begins “Do You,” the latest of Puma’s campaigns and one that intends to inspire and empower women worldwide. This four-episode mini-documentary series follows Delevingne as she crosses continents to listen to the stories of women, who, according to her, are people “doing things to change the world.”

“They speak up for what they believe in,” Delevingne says, speaking of the women she met during her journey who combat those uniquely feminine perils of life in their own distinctive and dynamic ways, “whether it’s with self-defense or poetry or fighting against bullying.”

According to the first episode, the Valerian star’s experiences at the refugee camps in Uganda inspired the series. During her visit, she recognized the chasm of opportunity that separates the children of such unfortunate circumstances to the rest of the world. “Any of these kids could be the person that cures cancer,” she says. “Any of these kids could be Shakespeare. They just don’t have the opportunity and all they want is an education. That is all they want.”

Add your own voice to the “Do You” narrative by sharing your photos and videos with the hashtag #DoYouStories, where 10 participants will be selected to meet with Delevingne. In the meantime, check out the four episodes.

Written by Chelsey Sanchez
Photo courtesy of Puma