Prada Summons Myth and Magic for the Fall 2017 Jewelry Collection

by Emma Nicole

It is said that the first object ever designed was a talisman –  the mystical object believed to hold supernatural powers used to ward off evil and exude superiority. And this fall Prada’s new jewelry collection gives the talisman a fashionable comeback that plays on the relationship between the primitive artifacts and the relentless progression of so-called civilization.

Miuccia Prada's incarnation of the symbolic artifact comes in the form of a unisex line made up of a reliquary's load of strange and furtive objects: crystals on heavy silver chains, clasped rope, exotic shells laced together with precious metal, wooden twigs clutched by animal deities handcrafted from silver. All will be packaged in an elegant, satin-lined Saffiano box that reflects an inspiration of all things mystical found throughout history.

Mythology suggests that a talisman only will reveal its true aura once one’s trust in the power of the symbols is present – and whether you believe in magic or not, the Fall 2017 Prada Talisman  collection will be released sporadically throughout June-September. 

Written by Emma Nicole Aderheim