Prada Releases Video Series Starring Elijah Wood as The Postman

by Flaunt Intern

 Prada Galleria bag | Image via Prada

Prada Galleria bag | Image via Prada

For this year's holiday season, Prada introduces The Postman’s Gift, a series of short films directed by acclaimed American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde. The series is split into two main stories known as, “The Postman Dreams 2” starring the iconic Prada Galleria bag, and “The Postman’s Gifts” showcasing the accessories collection. Prada has just unveiled the second iteration of ‘The Postman Dreams.’ 

The four-part series marks director Wilde’s second collaboration with Prada, following up from a collaboration which debuted in 2015. In this film Elijah Wood takes on the role of a postman. 

It's humorous and whimsical, influenced by daydreams. The postman visits two of everyone's favorite young actresses: Emma Roberts and Sasha Frolova.

The central protagonist--the must have--is the Prada Galleria bag, the main focal point in each film. Be sure to check out the films.

Written by Alex Ceballos
Photography via Prada