Poolaroids with Nous Models: Jessica Michel, Lauren Johnson, and Alyena Jaye

by Flaunt Intern

As the end of summer is coming to a close and the realization that fall weather is looming sets in, we want to head to the pool now more than ever. We kicked it by the water at the Sixty Hotel in Beverly Hills with some pretty cool Nous Models, where we enjoyed the last bit of sunshine and asked them some of our juiciest Poolaroid questions. 

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Do you have a special talent?

Uh… accents? Making a dollar go a long way. 

Who’s number is on your speed dial?

BAE: Ed West

What is your fav spot in LA?

Gun Range downtown LA. BANG!

What do you carry in your bag?

Toothbrush, headphones, and hot sauce for sizzle!

Who’s your favorite model?

Kate Moss




What are your top 3 IG accounts you follow?

girlyboy, nousmodels and fuckjerry.

What takes the most of your time?

Eating with my best friends and dancing.

What is one thing you cant live without?

My cats Onyx and Igge.

How did you pick your outfit this morning?

I didn't. I essentially put shorts on and my fave booties and threw on a top. I sleep in all my jewelry. 

Do you have any rituals?

Morning stretch and sage burning. 




Do you have a special talent?

Scuba diving, horseback riding, and cooking.

Who’s number is on your speed dial?

Probably my mom.

What is your face spot in LA?

The last bookstore.

What do you carry in your bag?

Crystals and always gum.

Who’s your favorite model?

Candice Swanepoel