Poolaroids With LA Models: Keleigh Sperry, Charlie Schroeder, Hannah Tribolet, and Olivia Freeman

by Flaunt Intern


Autumn is approaching, but just before the temperatures start dropping we caught up with a few ladies from LA Models to talk about their hidden talents, favorite spots in Los Angeles, and much more.

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Keleigh Sperry Insta


Do you have a special talent?

Pick things up with my toes.

Who's number is on your speed dial?

My fiancé.

What is your favorite spot in LA?

Beverly Hills Hotel.

What do you carry in your bag?

Sunscreen, rosewater, and face wipes.

Who's your favorite model?

Jessica Stam.

Charlie Schroeder Insta


What did you do last weekend?

Last week I hiked with all my friends in San Diego before moving to LA :)

Tell me a secret.

I have a secret obsession with sloths. For my entire life I have been collecting sloth stuffed animals and things. I've never met an actual sloth, but I plan on it.

What's your guilty fashion pleasure?


What's your favorite thing in the world?

My favorite thing in the world is the ocean. It makes me so happy. And cats :)

What are you currently reading?

I bought a book about the Buddha, I'm not Buddhist but for some reason I'm excited to read it.

Hannah Tribolet Insta


What are your top 3 Instagram accounts you follow?

@suedebrooks, @alexisren, @angelcandice

What takes the most of your time?

School and driving take up most of my time after my castings and shoots and I am always working on homework. I think it is so important to have an education and keep learning new things. I think a lot of models stop going to school, but I don't want modeling to stop me from getting a degree. 

What is one thing you can't live without?

I can't live without the beach. I love to take impromptu trips there with my friends or boyfriend and relax for hours. I feel like laying out in the sand is the perfect way to spend your day.

How did you pick your outfit this morning?

I love florals for spring and summer and the dress I picked is one of my favorites. I got it from an event I went to at the Revolve pop up. My bikini is from Beach Riot. I love to wear green because it brings out my eyes.

Do you have any rituals?

I like to wake up a little bit early in the morning and take some time for myself to relax, eat breakfast, do some yoga and shower. I really don't like to rush myself, so taking some extra time in the morning helps me get a great start to my day.

Olivia Freeman Insta


Do you have a special talent?

I can lick my elbow!

Who's number is on your speed dial?

My speed dial is mostly made of family.

What is your favorite spot in LA?

So far I love walking up and down Sunset. I haven't been able to explore much.

What do you carry in your bag?

I carry many many gift cards, my phone, a pair of shoes, chapstick, two sets of keys and pepperspray for protection. 

Who's your favorite model?

Ruby Rose, I love everything she stands for. 

Photographs and Questionnaires by Linda Nyvltova