There Are No G-Spots at GSTAAD

by Sid Feddema

L’esprit de l’escalier is a French term that describes the predicament of thinking of the perfect rebuttal too late. French dream pop duo The Pirouettes, despite creating infectious hit “L’escalier” – the video for which shows them dancing in perfect choreographed unity on a space-age cable access show – don’t give the impression of being slow-witted.

Originally from Annecy, in the French Alps, band members Victoria and Leo live in Paris where they collect miniature animals. Their third record, Carrément carrément (Definitely, Definitely), came out last fall under their own label Kidderminster. It’s an airy cotton-candy pop contribution that doesn’t arrive too late.

Photographed by Louis Canadas

Issue 154

The Cadence Issue

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