Oliver Peoples Launches In Conversation Campaign

by Alex Munoz

The word “collaboration” gets thrown around these days, usually in reference to two YouTubers doing a Q&A together. But, to think on the actual concept of diverse groups of artists coming together to share and gain inspiration off of one another’s points of view, West Hollywood-based sunglasses brand Oliver Peoples is going for the real deal.

In their new 2018 campaign In Conversation, director/photographer Matthew Brookes has gathered an impressive cast of eight artists, including the sought-after Parisians Hugo Sauzay and Charlotte de Tonnac of Festen Architecture, to the Hawaiian-born portrait photographer Tasya van Ree, to the LA art dealer and self-made follownaire Jordan Watson. Oliver Peoples has assembled these artistic Avengers in the historic Harpel House to discuss both the state of the arts, and their personal work that has inspired the brand for the coming year.

Detroit Unsub Records-signed singer CYN, What’s Up art curator Lawrence Van Hagan, and publisher Dorian Grinspan are not the first names to come to mind when one thinks designer sunglasses. But, decked out with Oliver Peoples’ new designs, discussing what inspires and challenges them with the hushed dawn of the LA skyline as the backdrop, the sentiment becomes clear. Oliver Peoples could have easily gone the route of the traditional model campaign to show off their collection, but instead show a professional sense of subtlety by having their products act as they were intended: as the alluring ornaments adorning some of the world’s most dynamic creative people.

In Conversation can be experienced in full on Oliver Persons' website.

Written by Alex Munoz