Madonna and MILK Dare You To Express Yourself and Love Your Skin for MDNA SKIN

by flaunt

Madonna introduces MDNA SKIN, a skincare line designed to bring out one’s inner beauty regardless of age, gender, or race. Madonna’s line of skin products infuses a combination of nature, science, and technology to highlight radiant skin. The key ingredient for MDNA products is the natural resource of Montecatini. Wellness destination, Montecatini is an ancient Italian municipality infamous for its healing water, mineral clay and olive oil, which are incorporated to bring back youthfully glowing skin.

Madonna partnered with MILK from Season 6 of Rupaul's Drag Race for the video “Express Yourself.” MILK is seen dressed in a few of Madonna’s most iconic music video looks. Madonna is heard throughout the video daring her audience to express yourself, love yourself and love your skin.

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Written by: Morgan Vickery