London Men's Fashion Week Opens Today

by Sid Feddema

London Fashion Week Mens is amongst us again! Debuting various designers on Thursday, June 8th, and carrying on until Monday, the 12th of June. From clothing to jewelry, the artists of fashion present to us a glimpse of modern menswear.

British designer Nigel Cabourn presented his collection on “The Army Gym” based around the opening of his flagship store in the UK. With an emphasis on earthy tones, Cabourn was influenced by “stories of real people throughout history, military, outdoor sports and work wear.”

Xander Zhou, bringing looks from his studio in Beijing, is one of the first fashion designers from China to grace London Fashion Week Men’s. Presenting an edgy look to the runway, Zhou was “inspired by youth subcultures, combining simple elegance with streetwise attitude.” With bold colors, metallic fabrics, and denim inspired pieces, Zhou gives us insight to the style he is portraying in his stores in London, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and more.

A string of incredibly talented designers who will be presenting their collections over the weekend including (but not limited to): Hussein Chalayan who is followed by Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna for the love of his cutting edge designs, Vivienne Westwood whose pieces were inspired by the Mediterranean, and Ben Sherman who will be giving the audience of the runway looks of the “Future Mod” the “Working Class Hero” and the “Modern Dandy.” 

Written by Melody Amirkhanian
Photo courtesy Tourne De Transmission