Killer Mike Release Anti-Confederate Tees and Sweats, for Sale Now

by Flaunt Editorial Staff


As a response to the hate and racism displayed last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, outspoken Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike released a small collection of Anti-Confederate merch to take action against White Supremacy and neo-Nazis. They can be purchased here.

The line of T-shirts, hoodies, tanks and even coffee mugs, subtly pokes fun at the conflict between confederates of the south and the rest of the US by featuring a scoreboard of winners and losers— depicting the US as clear winners. 


Killer Mike isn’t afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the injustices occurring in America. He frequently shares his thoughts on social media or in interviews with political figures like he did in 2016 with then presidential democratic party candidate Bernie Sanders.

Take action by checking out Killer Mikes merch and as the rapper says, “Stay losing, losers! Stay losing.”


Written by Knia Cotton