Kenzo Designer Humberto Leon Says New Store in Paris Brings More 'Flair and Individuality'

by Flaunt Intern

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French luxury brand Kenzo opened a new store in Paris this week in its fashion and arts district. Under the creative direction of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the opening of the new Kenzo location will display seasonal Kenzo collections along with its “La Collection Memento” line.

Leon tells FLAUNT about opening the store in the historic and fashionable Marais district, "The Marais is a place we love and know so well, it’s where all our friends live and we always hang out when we are in Paris. It’s been a long time coming to open a Kenzo store here, so we took our time to bring in local flair and individuality when it came to the design and aura of the store."

Kenzo called designer Fabrizio Casiraghi to create a unique interior for the clothing, accessories, and garments to breathe and create a one-in-one aesthetic. 

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The front of the store will even be used as an event space for constant-changing events, product launches, photo exhibitions, and more. 

Along with standard Kenzo pieces, Leon says they also have some special pieces in-store. "We brought in vintage Kenzo pieces and also one-offs from our atelier that are only available at this store — we really wanted it to be a special place for the locals of the neighborhood to gather and come back to see what’s new."

Kenzo's new store is open now and the address is located at: 120 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris.

Also, check out our gallery above from Kenzo's party celebrating the opening of their new flagship.

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Written by Corey Fuller