Jordyn Jones Sparkles, Cries Blood in Tyler Shields Photos

by Kylie Obermeier

Jordyn Jones | All photos shot by Tyler Shields

Jordyn Jones | All photos shot by Tyler Shields

Despite being branded as a "social media influencer," Jordyn Jones has much more going for herself than a huge Instagram following (3.7 million of them is amazing, though). At 17, the singer, dancer and designer already has an impressive list of accomplishments behind her name: a first-day-sold-out active-wear collaboration with California Kisses, a new series on Awesomeness TV, and several successful singles--most notably rappy kiss-off "BRUH!" 

Jones found time between her many pursuits to pose for some striking photos with Tyler Shields, best known for destroying a $100,000 Hermes bag in the name of art. Shields, often called "Hollywood's favorite photographer," has also gained notoriety for provocative photos with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Francesca Eastwood, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato and other celebrities. The portraits find Jordyn with her face covered in glitter, a single bloody tear streaking down her cheek and simply in stark black and white. Give them a look, then watch her video for "BRUH!" here:


Written by Kylie Obermeier