Gwen Stefani's Eyewear Collection Allows Her See Fashion in a New Way

by Eva Barragan


Gwen Stefani hosted an "Endless Summer" fashion press preview for L.A.M.B. & gx by Gwen Stefani Eyewear with Tura at The London West Hollywood Penthouse this week and we enjoyed everything you'd expect a former No Doubt lead singer to have at her party--puppies and spiked lemonade included.

Stefani revealed her 2017 Fall collections and offered a sneak peek at some of 2018 Spring L.A.M.B. optical and sun collections coming out late Winter. Stefani's line for children and teens, gx Juniors, was also on display at the party, inspired by her son Zuma who started wearing glasses in kindergarten.

"My son, he has to wear glasses and it's heartbreaking when you find out you know," she tells me. "So then you go out to find a pair of glasses he might like and there’s no good ones. I mean, a few of them are cute for a day, but kids should have options."

Stefani says it's been fun for her to do a junior line because she's trying to do it in a way where if someone has a small petite face, "like my sister-in-law does," she tells me, they can find a fun and mature pair of optical lenses in the gx junior's line. 

Stefani wanted to create a sunglasses line for as long as she can remember and is frustrated it's taken this long to create. But at the same time, "it's always God's timing. I never even thought about doing optical. But as soon as my eyesight started going, I needed reading glasses. So now I’m so into designing the optical, that part of it is so fun because once you need something and it’s on your face, you want to make it look good.” She says her favorite thing about designing eyewear is how inclusive it is.

“I really enjoyed doing the collections with L.A.M.B. in the early days and I got to do fashion shows and be part of fashion week, where I had no business being,” she says jokingly. “But I loved it so much and it was so exciting but it feels like that's a very specific body type with that kind of design and it’s really hard to include everyone. When you’re doing eyewear, it's the complete opposite. It doesn't matter what music you listen to or what kind of body type you have. I think there's something really satisfying about being able to reach that many people so i love doing the accessories, I think that's the most satisfying for me.”


The gorgeous atmosphere, designed by LA's premiere event specialist, Gina Wade Creative, was adorned in Gwen's favorite color of the moment, yellow, perfect for the endless summer vibe. Guests sipped on a signature Belvedere-spiked lemonade, as well as Perrier Jouet champagne and Rioja wine.

A fan favorite by all were sweet cups of summer love by McConnell's Fine Ice Creams. DJ Bad Ash spun some of Gwen's songs and classic throwbacks. Gwen danced around in a stunning black and white ruffled Zimmerman dress and took photos while "Poison" by Bel Biv DeVoe played to the crowd.


From aviators to oversized rounds, the new lines incorporate trends and classic looks featuring metal accents, color blocking, marble and tortoise,  bright, bold colors, florals and more.

Written by: Eva Barragan
Photography: Jerritt Clark