GUCCI IS LAUNCHING A DÉCOR LINE: Check out the new pieces

by Emma Nicole

Italian fashion house Gucci recently let the world know that it’s time to not only dress yourself, but also dress your space in their designs. They announced their décor collection - conveniently named Gucci Décor.

Creative director Alessandro Michele explained in a press release that “The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized” and is a collaboration with Florentine porcelain company Richard Ginori and illustrator Alex Merry.

The collection will include intricate embroidered cushions, incense trays, chairs, screens, wallpaper, metal trays, and metal folding tables all designed in the true essence of signature Gucci motifs and patterns: the Herbarium floral print, geometric chevrons, and animals from the Gucci Garden such as cats, bees, butterflies and tigers. The collection also includes fragrant candles and incense in four delicious scents titled Inventum (a delicate blend of exotic rose species), Fumus (a dark and intense mix of birch, orange and beeswax), Herbosum (aromic plants infused with fresh spices, and Esotericum (a bitter aroma of orange, jasmine, leather and salt a la Seville).

Gucci Décor will be launching in September on and in select Gucci and specialty stores. We can’t wait. But as they say, “it’s all Gucci.”

Written by Emma Nicole Aderheim