Victoria's Secret Launches New Body by Victoria collection with angel Martha Hunt

by flaunt

Shimmering gold streamers, elegant white and pink flower bouquets and Rosé as far as the eye could see filled the terrace of The Peninsula in Beverly Hills last night for Victoria's Secret new Body by Victoria collection launch party. The launch was hosted by none other than Victoria's Secret Angel, Martha Hunt. Flaunt joined Hunt and the rest of the VS crew for a glass of champagne and to find out what makes the Body by Victoria collection stand out amongst the rest. 


"[Body by Victoria's] Nothing Something Everything collection is my favorite collection. It is the most wearable and most comfortable," Hunt tells me. The new collection offers something for everyone depending on an individual's comfort level, Hunt explains to me. Nothing bras are unlined: offering a natural shape, Something provides an ultra light feel and subtle lining and Everything is self-explanatory, doing everything for you--including providing the wearer with an extra lift and signature shape. 

Hunt tells me she feels her sexiest when she's wearing lingerie and that, to her, the science of sexy is "being comfortable in your own skin." 

"Being comfortable radiates confidence," Hunt tells me as I try to soak up of some of the confidence she seems to effortlessly convey throughout the evening. "With confidence you can pull off any style and any outfit because it shows your personality."

Being able to show her personality Hunt says, is part of the reason why she truly enjoys being part of the VS team. 

"The biggest perk of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel," Hunt explains. "Is the [feeling of] loyalty and being able to work with such a great group of people. That’s hard to find in the fashion industry. You really feel like you have a family that you get to return to every time you go to work, which is a great feeling." 

Hunt has walked in over 180 fashion shows for high profile designers including Giorgio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Balmain and others. I've never seen her walk down the runway, but watching Hunt sashay through the launch party was an experience all on its own. She was the picture perfect lady and an A-1 host. 

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Written by: Eva Barragan