West Coast Winning: Champion Comes to Los Angeles

by Britton Litow


At last, Champion Athletic-wear has launched its first U.S. store right in the heart of the La Brea District, Los Angeles. At 123 South La Brea Ave, the sports apparel company that began its journey of champions in 1919, is here to remind us what it takes and how it feels to truly be a winner and it does just that. 

For decades, Champion has been a leading athletic brand made for those who had a little more in them than the rest. The types who play to play, play to play hard and play to win. It is no wonder they have finally touched down in the “leading sphere of influence in Los Angeles with regard to fashion, art, sports and entertainment culture,” Susan Hennike, President Champion Athleticwear, says. “In today’s retail landscape, it’s vital to create a direct connection with our consumers. The need to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels makes this exactly the right time and place for Champion to launch this exciting retail concept in the United States.”

Champion has carefully constructed a retail concept true to its own brand identity and catapulted it into reality. Champion perpetuates this identity through design features made to resemble hardwood flooring of basketball courts and useful furniture that resembles gym lockers and metal mesh accents.

Further through product placement displays, merchandising and visual design elements, Champion in essence rebrands itself to become not only what the successful wear, but where they go. You think you have what it takes to be a champion? Head on over to 123 South La Brea Ave to find out!

Written by Meagan Rafferty