Beyoncé Reveals the New Faces of Ivy Park, Including Trans Actress Laverne Cox

by Flaunt Intern

Earlier this year, Laverne Cox hinted at collaborating on a project with Beyoncé, and today (September 6) it seems that the mysetery has come to an end. 

Bey's clothing line Ivy Park's Ivy Park Instagram account posted several pictures this morning including the Orange is the New Black actress sporting IP gear. 

Fans seems to be very excited over the news that the new faces of Beyoncé's line are all very diverse and influential people in the industry. Especially Cox, a transgender actress and strong LGBT advocate. Among these new faces are also Grace Bol, Karen McDonald, and Souffrant Ralph, the first male model for the brand, leaving fans with the anticipation of a Ivy Park for men. 

In their Instagram photos, each new face is introduced with their own words about what Ivy Park invokes in them such as Cox's:

"It's about being free. Listening and moving without any judgement or limitation." #IVYPARK @lavernecox

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Written by Evelyn Mateos