Everybody involved in EverybodyWorld

by James McClune

The goal at EverybodyWorld is to create sustainable clothing with a crowdsourced spirit. The brand which only launched a year ago is based in Los Angeles and focuses on making clothing although they also produce an array of collabrative products. Following the idea of crowdsourced spirit, EverybodyWorld plans on having 10 percent of their collection come from design submissions in the near future. Founders Iris Alonzo and Caroline Crespo posted the first call for design submissions last October. The posting was for a uni-sex shoe which was just recently released on June 3rd. 

The label believes that the best products don't always come from professionally trained designers. They want to put faith in the buyers and wearers who have put time into thinking about what makes something good. Couple Essence and Jihaari were the creators behind the fun summer shoes pictured above and the first design submission to be selected and produced by EverybodyWorld. Iris Alonzo and Caroline Crespo didn't even ask for sketches of the shoes in their submissions posting in October. They were more curious about the identity behind the submissions. Oakland based Essence and Jihaari have an interesting background and relationship but also because the couple has great style. Essence is working towards her Ph. D and Jihaari has a love for music and skating.

The Untitled Shoe is made with Italian leather and a rubber sole. It will be sold for $198 on EverybodyWorld's internet shop as well as Virgil Normal in Los Angeles. Essence and Jihaari will make 10 percent off of each pair that is sold. 

It is an interesting approach and there haven't been many brands to successfully pull off what Alonzo and Crespo are trying to build at EverybodyWorld but that is partly because it hasn't been possible until now. More then ever brands are collaborating with each other and with the power of social media, it is easy for people to build a steady following, putting them in a place for possible collaboration. Even if brands aren't crowdsourcing as directly as EverybodyWorld is now, many are in some way indirectly doing so. 

Written by James McClune