Ed Vallance Returns to the Studio

by Tori Adams

EdVallance2011__1 2.jpeg

Singer-songwriter Ed Vallance is making his return to the world of song with his third album, titled Midair, and recent single, "Poison Apple," which Flaunt is premiering today. After the release of his first album, The Modern Life, way back in 2008, and his subsequent 2012 album, Volcano, he has spent the course of the last decade pursuing travel journalism for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The London Evening Standard. While his work for them has been insightful, Vallance has been a much-missed musical presence on the folk/soul circuit.

His new album, out June 2018, continues to riff off of the long lineage of British songwriters that the London-born singers draws inspiration from, carrying hints of Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, and Ray Davies. The sparse, melancholic arrangements were inspired in part by Brexit and the US election, but are rooted in personal narratives. 

Singles like "Poison Apple" may be an acoustic delight, but it carries a much more despondent message. Vallance sings in a monotone timbre, casually relaying his hopeless grasp of the situation. Vallance is backed by an insistent baseline from Kato Hideki and driving beats from drummer Hari Ganglberger. The indie-rock track is just a glimmer into Vallance's upcoming work. Preorder the album here and check out the premiere of his new track "Poison Apple."  

Written By: Tori Adams