Dover Street Market Comes To Los Angeles

by Niza Metoyer

“I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos; the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision.” This is Rei Kawakubo’s vision for Dover Street Market, the wildly popular fashion mecca that got its start in London in 2004, and dramatically reimagined what a fashion retail experience could look like.

Originally brought into this world by wife and husband Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe (designer and president of beloved Japanese label Comme des Garçons, respectively) as a way to mixing both art and fashion, allowing creativity in many forms to bloom under one roof. The shop is notorious for setting up in unexpected locations and turning their backs on the rules of luxury retail. The radical explosion of creativity and art took a while for people to embrace but after a few years Dover Street Market began to attract a cult following of people who fully embraced their unique synergetic energy.

Through opening its doors to an array of artists they were able create an environment unlike any other for their new Los Angeles location.

Six artists works are featured, artist Lyn Dillin Kawakubo’s vision for the Chjellydelier covered in unwanted waste, trash, and broken tools featured above trendy clothing embodying the idea of chaotic and strange, yet beautiful. Amongst the six chandeliers scattered throughout the interior is a piece by Stuart Haygarth created by strategic placement of black plastic beach items to create an mysteriously intriguing work of art. Other chandeliers featured are Warren Muller (“Cannot Tell a Lie”), Bjorn Dahlem (“Black Hole (Messier 22) 2016”, Yuichi Higashionna, and Gary Card (two works). Each art installation and clothing display works in perfect balance in order to send a message and connect with the community.

Similarly to the other locations DSM will be regularly inviting artist and designers to create in-store installations as a means of constantly adding to their vision and consumer experience. Featuring luxury and casual brands that live in harmony, and chaos along side each other.

Hats featured from Stephen Jones’ exclusive line for Dover street Market

Hats featured from Stephen Jones’ exclusive line for Dover street Market

It does not end there. DSM continues to add to the environment and experience through sound curation by DSM’s global sound director, Calx Vive, who has created a custom soundtrack to pair with the dramatic, art-filled space.

General interior design of DSMLA

With so much to take in, breaks are almost necessary. Without leaving the building you can refuel at Rose Bakery. With 40 seats including an outdoor patio Rose Bakery adds a bit of tranquility to the experience. Rose Bakery was brought to life by Rose Carrarini and her husband Jean Charles, who wanted to create a place that felt like home and willed people to want to return as often as possible. Along with the atmosphere they put a spotlight on quality food and fresh local produce.

Rose Bakery outdoor patio

Rose Bakery outdoor patio

Words and photos only do so much to embody the energy and experience at DSM you just have to experience it for yourself.

DSMLA will be open Monday-Saturday from 11am-7pm and Sunday from 12pm-6pm.

606-608 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 (Arts District)

All images courtesy of Eric Staudenmaier (@EricStaudenmaier)