Coach Debuts Interactive Pop-Up with "Life Coach"

by flaunt

Last night Coach erected a pop-up in SoHo entitled “Life Coach," consisting of four interactive spaces devoted to the advancement of creativity and self-expression. World renowned set designer Simon Costin lead the guests on the journey of self-discovery with the help of some good old-fashioned nostalgia.

The experience began in a neon lit store front adorned with static televisions and phone booths that rang off the hook. The second space recreated a New York subway station, where guests were invited to express themselves on the blank subway walls. Graffiti artists like Wisbe, were spotted decorating the subway windows with art, tags, and quotes. Guests were then beckoned to an enchanted fairground with special self-discovery themed carnival games: wheel of fortune, skeeball, and high striker helped guests to align their chakras. The fairground also played host to tufts of cotton candy, an array of refreshments, and a Balamii Radio DJ booth. Finally, the last room served as a mystical, moss-lined forest where guests could read tarot cards and predict the future with the help of some enchanting fortune tellers lying in amidst the lofty trees. A line formed to meet with some of the country’s top astrologers, while others played chess among the moss. Upon exiting, zodiac horoscopes were distributed to conclude the prophetic journey.

 The curated games, performances, and art heightened the senses towards an uplifting and self-reflective experience. While this event was a first for the international retailer, it’s fair to say that it won’t be the last.

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Written by: Morgan Vickery

Photography by: Daniel Salemi and BFA