by TakeOff Agency


Fresh off of a Coachella performance, Jamie Jones checked in with us to show off some of his gear. The DJ welcomed us to his LA home, where he rests between his busy touring and producing schedule. Inside his colorful closet we discovered the secret sauce for his always original style. Check it out to get some inspiration for your upcoming festival wardrobe!


How would you describe your style?

Colorful and quirky. I like to mix things. I don’t wear baggy clothes, as my style is more grown up. I wear a lot of prints. I definitely like different shades of pink, wine color and some green. I dress plainly on a day to day basis. I once read that you only have a certain amount of creative energy every day. Choosing what you will wear is a creative process. If I can eliminate that process out of some days, I’ve got a bit more creativity to spend on music and such. Obviously people in the fashion industry, that’s their juice, that’s what they do, but I’ve got to reserve some juice for making music and finding music.


Where do you shop?

Online: Ssence, Farfetch, Mr.Porter., H.Lorenzo, and Opening Ceremony.

Which designers do you like?

Dries Van Noten shirts, Margiella-even though I don’t wear the standard pieces, I seem to have a lot of their jackets-and Kenzo coats. I wear these to big shows. I wear a lot of t-shirts by Palm Angels. 


How do you dress for stage?

It’s an eternal hunt to wear something different every time I perform a big gig. Most people, when I’m performing, are only going to see me waist up, so it’s kind of pointless to wear really cool trousers and a plain top. Even though sometimes that’s what I’ll go with, some crazy pants.


How do you pack?

I travel a lot. Packing is my number one, biggest hate! I can be ready in 20 minutes, but probably need an hour to an hour and a half to pack. I’m slowly learning to prepare a bit, plan out what I’m going to wear at a festival for the whole weekend, rather than just taking a bunch of stuff with me and deciding when I’m there. One thing I always bring with me is a pair of jeans. I live in these! I try to travel light. I take the black and white Y-3 sneakers with me everywhere. They just go with everything.

I like to think about where I’m going: Coachella is sunny, grassy, fashiony. At Glastonbury you wear more festival catered clothing; [handmade] one off pieces that you’d buy on Etsy, or a crazy hat.

Burning Man is the extreme of that such as metal helmets with LED on them. I’m going to Burning Man this year.  I have a residency in Ibiza all summer, so Burning Man is my break. I get away from the island for 10 days. It’s my time to disconnect. I switch my phone off.


What do you wear at Burning Man? 

I get some stuff made. My girlfriend and I sometimes coordinate outfits. Well, she does. Last year, some of my friends were trying outfits on for five hours in our RV. I was just listening to music on my headphones and thinking, "that’s the kind of effort that goes into it dressing up and it really adds to the vibe of the party." I have to appreciate it. One day we all wore red and as we cycled away into the Playa and I actually understood. I saw the effect and I was like ‘Wow!!’


Do you bring clothes back from your tours?

If I have time, I hunt around markets. I love finding unique cultural clothing like hats from Peru. These pieces are great for festivals. I bought some great socks in Tokyo.


Produced by: Linda Nyvltova

Photography: Lauren Hlotz