Discussing BVLGARI'S New Omnia Pink Sapphire Perfume With Alberto Morillas and Amanda Steele

by Alex Munoz

Generation Z. These post-Millennials are making waves. What potential lies in the developing tastes of those born in the internet age? Even though these teens drive much of the social media and beauty market, not too many companies have coined in and marketed their products to this untapped population of consumers.  

That is, until BVLGARI announced their new Omnia Pink Sapphire, created precisely for these  youthful patrons. Straight from the mind of legendary perfumer Alberto Morillas, the scent has selected three fresh faces to represent the brand - including the IMG signed model and YouTuber  Amanda Steele, fashion influencer Margaret Zhang, and Bieber-Protegée singer Madison Beer. Now available at Macy's, the perfume has notes of fizzy pink pomelo, pink pepper and tiare flower. Eager to learn more about this tantalizing scent and marketing campaign, we decided to sit down and chat with both the mastermind and the muse.


What does the Gen Z consumer look like, and do they have any qualities that resemble any generation from the past? Or is this a truly unique generation to cater to?

The Gen Z consumer combines the sense of belonging to a group as well as the deep desire of being unique. Because all generations have various high expectations, creating fragrances for any type of consumer is always a big challenge.  Gen Z is a daringly unique generation, and giving them the opportunity fully experience novelties is truly exciting. The Gen Z consumer is so connected, they can access any dream! I imagined a fragrance that stylizes their singular, unswerving confidence and cheeky personality. With the new Bvlgari Omnia Pink Sapphire fragrance, I invite the Gen Z person to escape from their daily life, to jump into an enchanted world, in a concentration of exuberance and boldness. 

You have described this scent as one of “Dream and Escape.” Is that something you notice that young people right now need? 

Omnia Pink Sapphire is a sweet escape into exotic dreams. Through this sparkling and festive fragrance I wanted to share these precious moments in faraway paradises with young women who dream of daring to be themselves. Ambitious, loving, experimental, determined, spontaneous and talkative, Gen Z’s live their life out loud and in color. Having fun, they try new things and learn, thinking positively. Young people connect to the world directly. Like a lucky charm, Omnia Pink Sapphire reminds them that there are no mistakes and there is no perfection. There’s only adventure.  

You have created a lot of perfumes for many different types of people. How has the perfume industry changed since you started? How has the taste of consumers changed over the years?

Fragrance is the mirror of society; it has evolved a lot throughout the years.  Today women and men are looking for high quality fragrances that naturally fit their mood and personality. We have entered a time of high quality and figurative story telling. Traditional perfumery codes are more and more re-visited, but with a modern twist.

Gen Z’s embody this new youthfulness, expressing a deliberately different tone in order to highlight their energy and increase their audacious love for life. These young consumers spontaneously look for authentic experiences, reach for what they genuinely like, and are passionate about everything they tackle.


How do you relate to some of the concept of notes of the perfume: sparkling, exuberant, daring, and adventurous? 
I feel like the fragrance represents me super well! The scent is sparkling and fun but also super bold. I love when I feel fun and confident. This fragrance helps me embrace it.

What defines some of your personal perfume staples?
I always go towards fragrances that have a musky tone. Depending on the event, I'll switch between something light and floral and a bold musky scent. This perfume is amazing because it gives me both.

What do you feel your generation is looking for in a signature scent? 
I think our generation is looking for a scent that makes us feel bold and confident. Perfume is a super fun way to step outside your comfort zone.

Written by Alex Muñoz

Photographed by Jim Turner