by Isaac von Hallberg

Hauntingly beautiful sounds wafted out of Hollywood Forever Cemetery and into the ears of spirits and concert-goers alike as "dream pop group," Beach House performed this past weekend. Creating vibrantly illusory music since 2004, the band is a duo consisting of Victoria LeGrand on vocals/ keyboard and Alex Scully on guitar. When the two perform, their talent go together like velvet and velour, skeletons and coffins. What better location for their concert to take place?

During the concert, Beach House showcased their latest album that was released this past May. It is their seventh record, quite sensibly entitled "7". Although you can't tell much from the singularity of the title, the album has some important messages for its listeners. The music addresses the beauty and positive insights that can arise from personal and collective traumas we face in our lives. The artists hoped to encourage introspection with the album and bring some light into people's lives, especially during the current  "societal insanity" we are facing. In addition, this album is unique because LeGrand and Scully decided to remove restrictions on their music that either they themselves or others had imposed. "7" was created naturally out of sudden inspiration or the duo's creative moods instead of basing it off of what would sound best in a live performance.

See the photos from the night above.

Written by Louisa Solarz

Photographed by Doug Krantz