Austyn Gillette is Sensorisk

by James McClune

Meet Austyn Gillette, the Los Angeles native and Pro-Skater who 6 years ago started putting together a band, in the last 2 years has put together his first project and on June 19th released his first studio album Sensorisk. The Folk-Rock album produced by Gillette and his buddy Danny will be available in Vinyl this week along with a music video from one of the albums most popular songs “Primary Blue”. Although most people know Gillette from his work as a pro-skater he wishes to keep his skate career separate from his music.

“I like to keep those separate.” Austyn says. “Yea completely, it’s kind of a hard thing to do because if you’ve developed a name in any world and then you go somewhere else it's kind of hard for people to detach from that.”

It’s hard to ignore his success on the skateboard, but Gillette’s goal is not for his music to compete with his skate career. For him, releasing this album was relieving years of weight off his chest and really, he just wants people to listen.

“Well it’s definitely not immediate, I know that and that wasn’t the intention to make a fucking single that's at 120 BPMs and plays on the radio or anything.”, Austyn tells me. “I guess the intention is just for people to sit with it. I've heard it's good music to drive to, you're probably not going to listen to it at a bar. The goal was really just to get it out there. There was a lot of weight that I had been carrying and writing quite a bit. I don’t really care, I just want it to be heard.”

The sound of Sensorisk is hard to place and to call Gillette’s sound strictly Folk or Rock or Alternative would be wrong. There really isn’t a way to define it, although, his music definitely has a dreamy feel, which he draws from his two biggest influences Pink Floyd and J.J. Cale.

“J.J. Cale is pretty patient and Pink Floyd is pretty ethereal and dreamy and that's kind of where I saw it going. Our songs drag out rather than ending with four measures and starts with four, it kind of has space. Those are the musicians that I think execute that well. Knowing when to sing and when not too.”, Austyn says.                                                                                                       

As for the future of his music, Gillette wants to wait, he wants his debut to sink in and gather a response before he begins his next project. Gillette does want to make more music in the future, however, “I want to make a record like when the Doors went really psychedelic, but without having to take that many drugs." Gillette says holding in a laugh. 

Writer/Director/Editor: Lauren Rothery

Talent/DP: Dominic Haydn Rawle

Camera Operator/Gaffer: Michael Kinsey

Photo: Amber Chavez

Austyn Gillette


Written by James McClune