Ward Roberts: Courts 02

by Nicholas Martinez

The follow-up to the highly praised Courts 01 now out via Éditions

The photography of Ward Roberts encapsulates the mind by eliciting an experience that reveals the depth of its subject in an instant as well as over a span of time. Roberts presents to the viewer an array of courts that represent different portions of the world and dazzles the audience with an other-worldly aura. Not only does his work bring about a unique experience, but it also infuses love and longing of a personal nature that allows Roberts to manifest these courts into sites of shared memory.

Born in Australia, he moved to Hong Kong when he was three years old. In his early years, he acquired a passion for sport, spending most of his days on the courts in which he photographs. He uses this passion for sport to build a connection with his followers. The striking color palettes and the endless repetition of its architectures divulges a city that has influenced his way of seeing his environment. These spaces become a “neutral zone”, where it has the potential to evoke cultural and socioeconomic circumstance. These iconic images makes the subject contemplate the space in which a being learns and grows, but also how a person can remember a particular space in the moment and throughout its lifetime.

ward roberts courts 02.1

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ward roberts courts 02.35

Courts 02 available at Arcana: Books on the Arts and at Éditions online