We’d Like To Make A Toast But That’d Require Us To Put This Group Selfie On Hold

by flaunt

Flaunt Magazine pursues LUISAVIAROMA through their twelfth Firenze4Ever, a tech-powered, crystal-adorned extravaganza.
Following Firenze4Ever's afternoon commencement at the Luisa Via Roma concept store, the Crystal Couture dinner clinked and illumined within the glass-paned facade of Tepidarium Del Roster.

The exceptionally carat-ed soiree connected team LUISAVIAROMA with enthralled fashion bloggers and stylists, reality TV mavens, trailblazing Instagram models, and maybe a few stragglers with expensive taste in Wi-Fi access.

Like the social web that luisaviaroma.com has led into the blindingly optimistic future of conceptual fashion shopping, many lives of the party gathered for glitzing glamour and joyous banter—as couture mannequins vogued out while adorned by diamond-studded apparel.

Toasts were made, selfies were had, and lipsmacking-ly rich cuisine was served.

We meant to tweet: Buon appetito buon moda buon orario—good food good fashion good times—but we were too busy catching our reflections, mingling with the reflections of our fav fellow revelers, to be bothered.

Sorry not sorry, we're not hungry to update our social when attendees of Crystal Couture proved so astounding, and tomorrow so profound (read about it here).

 All images courtesy LUISAVIAROMA

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