Robotripping: Athens, Georgia

by flaunt

Here we are...
Through the eyes of an inhabitant. From Sunrise to Sunset in the bosom of the South, Normaltown, Athens, Georgia. 

1. The morning light in my kitchen window… start of a day's wandering 2. Remains of the old wooden railroad trestle (R.E.M. was here) 3. Los Compadres local grocery in Normaltown down the road 4. A hike by the covered bridge at Watson Mill, not too far 5. A porch around here is pretty important 6. Days end, and the sound of trains and cicadas begin 7. "Heritage" 8. The sun sets on Normal hardware in Normaltown 9. The night beginning outside the Georgia Theater 10. Queens take the stage at Little Kings downtown 11. Music in every window 12. Late night at the Varsity

Photographer: Nicole Akstein at