Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh collection

by flaunt


Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh collection

at Edward Cella Art & Architecture

Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988), on view now at Edward Cella Art & Architecture gallery, features hundreds of artworks and ephemera created by Prince during his early years in New York and preserved by Turnbaugh, a longtime friend and early patron.

The collection offers first-hand insight into the formative years of Prince’s career through an assortment of exhibition announcements, letters, publications, postcards, photographs, and other ephemera that had been purchased, gifted, or invested in by Turnbaugh. Prince’s letters to Turnbaugh detail the transitional time period from the beginnings of his career to his newfound experiences with prominence and attention. Additional letters and ephemera, some of which are signed under Prince’s pseudonym Fulton Ryder, fill more black binders that visitors can flip through to study the artist’s relationship to his art, career, and Turnbaugh.

The exhibition is a rare and fascinating experience that provides an intimate look into the inner workings of an artist’s processes.  It is a testament to Prince’s pattern of reshaping the mold and pushing the boundaries of art through the showcased pieces, leaving visitors with the ultimate place of study.

Richard Prince: The Douglas Blair Turnbaugh Collection (1977-1988) is on display through July at Edward Cella Art & Architecture at 2754 S La Cienega Boulevard.

Kristine McKenna and Richard Kuhlenschmidt will offer their first-hand accounts and perspectives of the beginning period of Prince’s career at a roundtable discussion on June 25 th at 2 pm.