Oh La La Land Time Capsule to be Opened in 2079

by flaunt

Contributed by the Founding Editor of Ruins Magazine Sara Cline and Illustrated by artist Galen Pehrson


1) Double-Double from In-N-Out Burger. We called this sustenance.

2) Unpaid parking ticket. You can have the towed car that comes with it.

3) The Natural World

4) Palm tree from Laveta Terrace. The street I grew up on.

5) The inertia of FOMO.

6a) Ballot that will decide the fate of Civilization.

6b) A roll of film. We know you’re living in a virtual world, but we want you to know what this city was built on.

7) Pool key to Chateau Marmont. Because nothing is more likely to survive an apocalypse than this hotel.

8) Medicinal marijuana macaroons. Parisians and Angelenos coming together in tasty harmony.

9) The last fuck given