News: Gender Fluid Emojis Are Going To Be A Thing (Finally)

by Brooke Mumford

Apple engineer Mark Davis announced his proposal to gender-fluidify our emoji keyboards.
If boys can do it, so can girls, and so can you in spite of the post-dated gender binary! While "guy" emojis are going brocore with masculine jobs like detective, police officer, and other  sports activities,  the lady emojis have indulged trope-ish "unpaid roles" like princess, or "woman getting her haircut" or "finger nails that were just painted." But last week, tech players Peter Edberg, and Apple engineer, Mark Davis, announced that they are putting out a proposal for gender-customizable emojis. Davis told Time, “That draft, if we end up approving it, will allow vendors to be able to support a male runner, a female runner, and if they want to, a neutral runner of no specific gender.” Looks like our future emoji keyboards might finally catch up with contemporary users.

h/t Oyster