Missing Europe: A poem by Greta Bellamacina

by Greta Bellamacina


Missing Europe

I made up our bed, a clean wedding

Thought I would find you in it

Thought we had the same eroding mouths.

When you swallowed my language

I didn’t care because the secrets of my past

Were yours too and I counted how many women I could be.

I felt lighter than all the metal flags between us

The ones that made up our alibi stars,

Day cleaning arrows breaking up miles and the value of chickens

And below we were their immigrant lovers

Marching paradise futures,

Steps on a ticket, all the same.

And we laughed at the reality TV government,

Until we could no longer understand why

We were both missing.

Featured image: 1870 political cartoon picturing Britain as a scared old lady turning away from the problems of the continent