There Are Signs Of Life, But Gaia Seems To Always Have Her Way

by flaunt

Hangin w photographer Devon Trunk and Natalie Del Real
When I was 11 years old my Grandmother fell in love. She fell in love with an insurance selling, airplane flying, Wizard of Oz quoting gentleman. At first I was not fond of him—not for anything he did or didn't do—he was taking my Grandmother away from me, my best friend.

About six months later she moved out of my house into his in the city of La Mirada in L.A. county. Another six months later they were getting married and I felt cheated—in my mind this was just part of growing up.

They got married on the steps of a historical house in their backyard in the city of La Mirada. The Neff Historical House was built in 1888—it is supposed to be haunted.

This series mimics the feeling I felt during the process of "losing" my best friend—but to her she gained a best friend. I never understood that until I grew older. She's happier than ever, which makes me happier than ever.

The model featured (Natalie Del Real) grew up in La Mirada, too. She to has a connection to this house—she and her friends used to get high on the steps at night—which is probably something I would do, if I didn't have such an emotional connection to this house.

— Devon Trunk









Photography: Devon Michelle Trunk @devontrunk

Stylist: Devon Michelle Trunk @devontrunk

Model: Natalie Del Real @nattttcatt

Location: Neff Park Historical House, La Mirada California

Wardrobe provided by UNIF @unif—special thanks to the Neff House docents and Larry and Paula Mowles