“Artist Decoded” by Yoshino

by Clementina Marini Clarelli

We asked Yoshino a few questions where he opened up about his podcast "Artist Decoded"

“Love and appreciation for art is a feeling,” says Yoshino. “Even if it's a feeling that is only special to you, that feeling should be valid because you believe in it.”

Accomplished photographer Yoshino, founder of Yoshino Studios and creator of the art podcast Artist Decoded, was only 20 years old when he started experimenting with the camera. From experimentation followed a love affair with art and photography that has accompanied him throughout his life and career, and has led to the creation of Artist Decoded, a passion project that would forever change his life and identity as an artist.

We asked Yoshino a few questions where he opened up about the struggle that started the project and the passion that has kept it alive.

How did you begin Artist Decoded?

I started AD for many reasons...

During the time I started AD I found myself in a rut.

I wasn't shooting as much as I would have liked. Being a photographer became cyclical to me.

I essentially stopped having fun shooting.

I wanted to take a step back and understand why people continued a life within the arts.

I've always believed in mentorship and seeking mentorship from others that you respect.

It was a way for me to reach out to people I respect and to be able to understand why they continued to create their work.

I've also always believed in creating a creative ecosystem and to create a community to incubate ideas.

AD was a starting point for me to help build a community of creatives, while at the same time inspire outside listeners to create.

AD has been a way for me to verbally communicate internal philosophies that I believe in too.


What are you trying to accomplish with each conversation, and with the project as a whole?

Each conversation presents a new set of ideas for me to explore. It allows me to empathize with other people, while simultaneously adding value to the lives of our listeners.

I'm trying to accomplish a sense of empathy and understanding for the arts as a whole.

I try to make every conversation as relatable as possible.

I want someone outside of the arts to be able to relate with a majority of what the interviewer and interviewee are talking about. I think a lot of people write off their own opinion on art because they are scared of what other people will think.

Love and appreciation for art is a feeling.

Even if it's a feeling that is only special to you that feeling should be valid because you believe in it.

Outside of the arts I want to show people that you can follow your dreams.

Dreams can become reality. It may take hard work, patience, resilience, and dedication, but you can do anything as long as you continue.


What do the artists you engage with have in common?

That's hard to say because each person is so different. They all have their own set of experiences, mediums, philosophies, practices, rituals...

However, everyone I interview has a certain drive and energy to them.  They all have this desire to be better at their craft and to constantly challenge themselves.


Has “Artist Decoded” influenced you work and your approach to photography?

Definitely. Doing these interviews has instilled a confidence within myself to trust myself and my own opinions. Doing the podcast has made me a more complete person and I feel extremely blessed to be able to continue doing the podcast / creating my own work. I have a stronger appreciation for what I do and for what my peers do.


What is the most memorable conversation that you had through the Podcast, and why?

I learn something new from every conversation.  Recently, my conversation with photographer/ director Daniel Sannwald was such a great conversation for me because I got this sense of comfortability within his own skin. He was very open about his life and his relationship with his father which influenced his work. He told me about continuing to pursue your craft even if you find yourself in a rut.

I also had a very memorable conversation with painter Alex Kanevsky.

In general this podcast has taught me to be fully confident in your gifts.

I believe everyone has something special to contribute to this planet.

A lot of us don't trust ourselves.

I think we should all have confidence in our abilities and to constantly better ourselves every single day.


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