Inside My Head (2016) Official Trailer

by Flaunt Staff


Coming Soon — "Inside My Head" — A Kodo Brothers Film Starring Kenny Wormald, Miranda Rae Mayo & Luke Baines.

We love Sylvia Plath, we love oblique narratives, and we love Pasolini so of course we produced an art exploitation film tapping into the arcane world of wealth, excess and amorality.

Viewers are led through somnambulant reenactments of Wes Craven films... The Scream betrayal/conspiracy (where one serial killer stabs his knowing partner to throw off mounting suspicion)... Nightmare on Elm Street (moments before Tina confronts Freddie in a dream alleyway leading to her irl disemboweling )... Last House on the Left (where the derelict trio recuperates after its leader brutally rapes an innocent teenager). Fashion, decadence and the danger of being able to get what we want, whenever we want it. Sometimes an aspiring actress dies along the way. Diminishing consequence encourages such quiet violences.

Looks like a clever someone (too clever?) cast Miranda Rae Mayo (Chicago Fire, Blood & Oil), Kenny Wormald (Footloose) and Luke Baines (Saving Mr. Banks) into these disjointed B&W scenes. These three actors also appear in Nick Simon's new slasher flick The Girl in the Photographs.

Executive-produced by horror maestro Wes Craven, the wanly lit, 70s-reminiscent slasher flick follows a pack of L.A. models and  photographers out on a narcissistic Midwestern photo journey. Returning to his hometown, a Terry Richardson-inspired egotist (played by Kal Penn) wants to find the local photographer staging bloodied women in homages to his famed fashion photos. It's not a spoiler alert to say this doesn't end well. Narcissus shouldn't  gaze into a lake of serial killer blood.

There's overwhelming realism within Simon's screenplay. But we fear it's not going to resonate with audiences  yet. In a world where information is so seemingly accessible, it becomes absurd when someone who is being stalked, and who has evidence, wants help before the stalker crosses any legal/physical boundaries. This idea that someone might come along and use one of us like a live action sex doll, leaving us dead afterwards, that's freaky as hell. Worse, though, is this idea that these disconnected, detached people exist in our society, and until they cross the dangerous threshold of "fantasization" (fantasy actualization, i.e. the psychopathic manipulation of real matter to induce perceived pleasure in the mind of the sadist), these merciless figures walk and stalk freely. All the crying to authorities will do nothing to warrant preventative measures. It's less boy who cried wolf, and more girl who cried bloody photographs of dead women.

THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS is available on VOD and now playing in select theaters nationwide including NY Cinema Village and Los Feliz 3 in LA


"Inside My Head"

A Kodo Brothers Film

Starring Kenny Wormald + Miranda Rae Mayo + Luke Baines + Arianne Few
Story by Daniel Warren
Photographer: Albert Kodagolian
Executive Producers: Luis Barajas + Matthew Bedard + John-Paul Pryor
Producers: Mui-Hai Chu + Eugenia Kim + Alex Kodo +Tina Chuldzh
Stylist: Erik Ziemba
Groomer: Paul Blanch
Camera: Peregrin Jung
Lights: Robin Banando
Editor: Daniel Rabins
Assistant Editors: CJ Nwaoko and Miki Miyazaki
"Mad Girl's Love Song" by Sylvia Plath performed by Zun Hoang
Music and Sound Design by Pascal Maumejean
Special thanks to Ashton Easter and Nick Simon
Coming Soon
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