Ariel Beesley

by Flaunt Magazine

Ariel Beesley is making her way into the music industry with a bang. Some describe her as a multitalented model and singer or the "Blondie of our era", but mostly she's just channeling her true self through her music. Recently, Flaunt got the opportunity to interview Beesley and we got to talk about everything from her fashion choices to her first song "Slower than Usual." We look forward to seeing what else this artist will bring to the table! 


One could say “Slower than Usual” was your breakthrough into the music industry, because it was the first song you released and an introduction to you as a an artist/ singer. What image do you hope to portray and what are your goals in the music industry? 

I think the only image I hope to portray to the outside world is my truest self, and the best way I know how to do that is through music. Music has always been the outlet that allows me to be my most vulnerable and honest. I hope through my songs people can realize that they're not alone. That in fact, a lot of us experience the same emotions, even if we have different circumstances. I think that its a really special thing to be able to listen to a song a realize if someone else can write about it and work through it, maybe you can too. And then of course I want to play as many shows as possible. 


What made you attend Aviicii’s songwriting camp in Stockholm and have your experiences there shaped you as an artist?

My manager, Andrew Brightman, sent me to Aviicii's songwriting camp as as exercise for me to write more songs and get more experience in co-writing sessions. My experiences there not only shaped me as an artist, but most definitely as a person in general. Traveling to Stockholm was not only the first time I had ever travelled solely for the purpose of music, but also the first time I had ever travelled completely alone. My eyes had never been so open. "Slower Than Usual" inspired by someone I met there, and I formed a sort of family over in Stockholm that truly has shaped me. The experience is one I will never forget. 


Have you found it easy to promote yourself as both a musician and model or do the two come in conflict in your career?

One thing that I have noticed having made my money modeling, is that some people in the music industry have been very quick to write me off as a model that happens to sing. Just a face. This has been the most heartbreaking, and quite frankly infuriating thing, as I have always been a musician first and foremost. I am very grateful that I was able to be self sufficient from a very early age through modeling. But music has always been my priority. I think there is a slightly misogynistic aspect to it as well. I know men that have happened to model but when it comes to their music press its not mentioned. Why are women reduced to being a body and a face when we're trying to have our voices heard? 


Both your music video and song “Slower Than Usual” have a very 80’s vibe. What made you decide to take inspiration from this specific time period?

My biggest influences have always come from the 80's. I always loved bands like Blondie, The Cure, and New Order. It has always been really important for me to draw from those influences but make them modern. Anyone can write a song that sounds like their favorite band, its more difficult to write a song you can hear the influence in, but still make it your own. Also, I pretty much just wish I could live in a John Hughes film, so thats always played a role. 


You have said in the past that fashion is one of the ways you express yourself. In what ways have your daily experiences impacted your style?

I have always loved clothes. I'm definitely a self proclaimed clothes hoarder. This is a really interesting question though, about the daily experiences impacting style. A couple weeks ago I got harassed on the street by some scumbag, and I happened to be wearing a corset as a top that day. When I told people, some told me that I shouldn't wear things so out there, in order to not attract that type of attention. So how have my daily experiences impacted my style? Well, things like that make me want to wear that stuff more. To show the world that I will not be scared into dressing any type of way. I will wear what I want, and people can learn to not behave like idiots. I've been wearing a lot of corsets since then. Mind you, this happens to women every day in sweat pants as well. So I guess thats what has been going on in my mind lately when I get dressed. Other than that, i've been really into 80's prom dresses. 

Ariel Beesley   @arielbees

Photographer: Dane Peterson  @d_peto

Stylist: Sadie Sapphire  @sadiesapphire

Hair & Makeup: Heather Rose Harris  @heatherroseharris

Written by Louisa Solarz