Apple Announces iPhone X, Animojis and Much More

by Flaunt Intern

The annual edition of Apple's product unveiling arrived today as they introduced two new iPhone models, new Apple Watches and more.

For starters, Apple debuted two new iPhone models: the iPhone 8 & 8+ (which to be fair is not a significant step up from the iPhone 7) and the iPhone X, which could completely change the iPhone game.

Equipped with a full screen on the front of the phone (no more home button), the new iPhone X will have face scanning technology that will allow for your phone to be unlocked. Taking their Touch ID technology to the next level, Apple said in their conference today that 3 different cameras allow for a screening of your face to take place in order to unlock the phone.

With the new facial features comes new 3D emojis. With the new face scanning technology, you will be able to send 3D emojis that correspond to the faces you want to make. What's more advanced than sending a pig emoji that expresses literally the same face you are doing?

A new Apple Watch is coming as well. Dubbed the "Apple Watch Series 3," for the first time the watch will have cellular service, which means you'll be able to make phone calls and texts right from your watch.

Finally, the last announcement comes with Apple's "Apple TV." Adjusting to the latest trend in digital television technology, Apple is readying an "Apple TV 4K" to bring sharper images and crisper colors to the Apple TV experience.

The new Apple watches, Apple TV 4K, and iPhone 8 will be released on Sept. 22, while the crazy iPhone X won't hit shelves until later this year (Nov. 3).

In the mean time, you can update your iOS software to iOs 11 come next Tuesday.

Written by Corey Fuller