Anything For "Selenas" | New Single By Maya B

by Flaunt Magazine

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In an era directly adjacent to the creation of the Internet and Tumblr, other eras have begun to splash into one another crafting a hodge podge of aesthetics and collage. Scrolling through Maya B’s instagram, there is no denying her affinity for the past; her personal #moodboard is showcased referencing Andy Warhol polaroids, Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and German pool designs by Verner Panton. These cultural references have transcended time, interlacing themselves with images of today influencing her sonic and fashion choices respectively. 

Maya B has been writing songs since she was seven years old to now writing and producing all of her own music. In the last few years she’s released singles “Kiss on My Neck” and “River” with nostalgic vocal effects that align herself with the likes of Imogen Heap or Björk whilst maintaining contemporary production. These tracks feel hallow but are rather layered, sounds in the way back lead us to that same nostalgic place the work stems from. 

Her first single after being signed with Capitol Records, “Selenas” sees her exploring modern pop aesthetics and trap beats. Layered in the background is a Cumbia style dance section directly interacting with the style that made Selena Quintanilla famous. “ The song is a direct reference to a scene from the 1997 biography starring Jennifer Lopez in which two men lose their bumper trying to help Quintanilla’s tour bus from the side of the road to which the men reply “Anything for Selenas”. 

Courtesy of: Giphy

Courtesy of: Giphy

The scene regards a shift away from the social dynamics regarding gendered music taste wherein men fear listening to female singers as it sees to make them less masculine while also building a dynamic that relates certain styles of dress, performance and aesthetics for women to a place of heightened sexual desire. Maya B is referencing this scene for further inspection. She goes on to sing “ Say you like me cause I'm not rocking white Adidas, Say you like my hair because it reminds you of Selenas… I’m not trying to get noticed I'm trying to stay focused.” She’s calling out cat-calling culture or toxic dynamics that place women at the forefront of sexual desire when they don't want to or aren't trying to be. More importantly her message is simple: to promote originality and authenticity through her music.