'Tis the Season to Treat Yourself (and Others, Too!): Flaunt’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

by Brad Wete

To all who let dreadful Grinch vibes enter their system during this time of year, think of the holidays and gift-giving season as less of a time to empty out your pockets and more of a way to fill up your heart. “With what?” you’re wondering. Smiles and cheer, my dear!

The trinkets, clothes, tech, drinks and accessories we’ve got on our 2017 gift guide are sure to be received with joy when that special someone unwraps their goodie. Trust us: Making people feel good makes you feel even better. But for those few who may doubt our fact, we’re okay with you buying a thing or two for yourself. Here’s Flaunt’s Gift Guide.

DIOR Teddy Bear Key Ring


Dior’s little bear is a luxurious addition to that oh-so-basic collection of metal you use to open doors, the car and such.

Purchase key ring here at Dior.

LUCKY BASTARD's Candles and Lip Balm


Purchase Lip Balms ($6-$8) and Travel Candle ($18). Pin $10 at Lucky Bastard



In 2017 we should not have to deal with hot drinks becoming cold. Ember Ceramic Mug makes that misery a thing of the past by keeping your beverage at a set temperature. Set the temperature on your app and enjoy your hot drinks the way they were supposed to be enjoyed: Hot!

Purchase Ceramic Mug ($79.95) at Ember.



There hasn’t been a Tata Harper Skincare mask our face hasn’t liked. This eco-friendly company grows all of their ingredients themselves on their own farm, giving farm-to-face a whole new meaning. These 100% natural masks will 100% create glowing smiles.

Purchase Moisturizing Mask ($115) at Tata Harper Skincare
Purchase Purifying Mask ($65) at Tata Harper Skincare



Oral care isn’t anything new, but where you’re placing them in your bathroom will be. Boka’s toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and cocorinse actually look pretty so you can take them out of the bottom of your drawers and place them in the prime real estate on your sink.  

High-quality materials, charcoal bristles, and a fair price point might just make you want to floss daily.  Let’s not forget that Boka will donate one toothbrush for every toothbrush purchased to Surge, a nonprofit helping bring clean water to those in need.

Purchase the Ela Toothpaste ($9), Toothbrush ($8), Floss ($4.50) and the Cocorinse ($20) at Boka.



Tom Ford Limited Edition Soleil Winter Eye and Cheek Palette ($155).

Purchase at Tom Ford.

HUBLOT's One Click Italia Independent Purple Velvet Watch


Okay, so maybe you’ve seen a watch with diamonds on it. But have you seen a watch with 52 diamonds, a velvet face and band that's purple? Well, now you have.  

Purchase the watch ($19,900) at Hublot.

GHOST's MV1 Vaporizer


Ghost is bringing party back to the front with their in-demand full convection MV1 vape in stunning rose gold and a black matte finish in the back. The technology built to Medical Device Standards comes with an app possessing features like "Lock my Vape."  With marijuana culture reaching new highs, we swear every inhale and exhale on the MV1 is worth its price.

Purchase the MV1 ($295) at Ghost Vapes.

Custom Engravable ARMAND DE BRIGNAC Gold Brut Bottle


Ain’t nobody got time to play games during the holidays, so put the cards down and pick up the gold standard of bubbly. The luxurious gift recco comes from none other than hip-hop mogul JAY-Z, who always plays his cards right (how else does one woo a goddess like 'Yonce?) and in recent years invested a significant percentage of his money on this bubbly.

Purchase the bottle at $325 Reservebar.com

AWAY Luggage


It’s finally time to say “Bye Falalalecia,” for holiday vacay, and the only way, in our not-so-humble opinion, to secure that festive holiday swag is in an Away bag. Bad rhymes aside, “The Carry On” and “The Bigger Carry On” are thoughtfully designed with built-in USB ports for immortal batteries and ceaseless wanderlust.  With Away, prove to friends and family that caring is sharing the perfect luggage for the right price--or just the thing to send Scrooges packing.   

Purchase The Bigger Carry-On ($245) and The Medium ($275) at Awaytravel.com



Chanel’s drawstring bag embodies everything a day to night bag should. From holiday shopping to holiday parties, this bag will carry you through effortlessly.

Purchase the bag ($3,200) at Chanel.

SALT. Sunglasses


Because the weather here in L.A. is never frightful, always delightful during the so-called “winter” months, California-born and Japanese-made optics brand SALT. is a California dreamer’s gift of choice. Inspired by elements Sea, Air, Land, and Time, winged Bobbi shades and classically chill St. Hubbins aviators have the power to bring anyone back to Cali'.  

Purchase the St. Hubbins ($490) here and the Bobbi ($430) here.

REVÉ BY RENE's Sweet Suck Glasses

Like biology, chemistry or physics, shopping is a science. So when holiday haters throw shade, we throw on golden-spiked blood red tortoise shells from Revé by Rene sunglasses. Not to worry; if you are feeling like you’re nice rather than naughty, the gold spikes are removable. Newton, meet Santa. And haters, meet your worst nightmare before Christmas #slaythesleigh. 

Purchase the glasses ($410) here.

FENDI Peekaboo Bag, Strap and Charm


Italian painter Michelangelo spent four years frescoing the ceiling of Sistine Chapel. Thankfully, Italian maker of luxury masterpieces, FENDI, creates wearable masterpieces just in the Saint Nick of time for gift-giving annually. This year, two leather paintings, in vibrant red and chic slate gray, have been hand-stitched to last until the end of time. Add fun straps and furry charms to make your toteable masterpiece all the more personable.

Purchase the Peekaboo bag ($5,100) here, Strap You ($1,200) here, and the Fruits Charm ($780) here.



Everyone needs a cool quilt! These are made from indigo dyed fabric and hand-quilted in a traditional American style in Japan.

Purchase the Quilt ($209) here.



Don’t let the name fool you; these candles won’t smell like a high school locker room! In fact, all 13 of these beeswax and coconut wax blend candle scents have a unique and modern essence to them.  Plus, we are a sucker for good packaging!

Purchase the candles ($29) here.

WILLIAM HENRY Lancet Lantern Knife


If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you already know winter has arrived and you’ll need a knife fit for a king. The Lancet Lantern knife by timeless American personal style brand William Henry is just that knife. Artisan jeweler Jeff Parke inlaid 24K gold and threw men a bone: a 10,000 year-old Woolly Mammoth tooth and Chad Nichols made the blade from DLC carbide-coated ‘Jet Stream’ Damascus steel. The toolmen in your life are going to love this cutting-edge addition to their cave.

Purchase the Lancet Lantern ($5,950) here.



Bespoken for, Gladys Tamez can make anyone feel like a haute couture connoisseur. Pretty in pink, this hat usually is acquired by appointment only. But you can score it and others on her site now, too.

Purchase her hats at Gladys Tamez.



Purchase the soap set ($135) here.



Purchase the earring ($350) here.

AnonymousIsm Socks + Any Brand T-shirts


Purchase the socks ($28) here. Purchase the t-shirt ($58) here.



Purchase the signature large bangle ($1,650) here.



Look no further when searching what to spike your eggnog with. Suntory’s latest whiskey is actually designed for mixing into cocktails.

Purchase the bottle ($40) here.

BEBOE's Vaporizer and Pastilles


These products are not for your average smoker. Beboe products are for the sophisticated cannabis consumer. Whether they prefer their cannabis in a rose gold single use vaporizer or all organic pastilles, we can assure you they will be in high style.

Purchase the vaporizer ($60) and pastilles ($25) here.

HELMUT LANG's Painter Jeans, Patent Leather Bag and 1984 Long Sleeve Tee

Helmut Lang pulled the messy-chic denim masterpieces out of the archives (they first released in 1998) for re-issue. Missing out on these might mean having to wait years for another crack at them.

Purchase the jeans ($275) here

Looking for a glossy space to store your knick-knacks on a night out? Say hello to this HL bag re-issue, which first dropped in 2000.

Purchase the bag ($395) here.

The 1984 tee features archived work from photographer Walter Pfeiffer.

Purchase the tee ($125) here.

PRADA's Fur Backpack


Nothing says “winter” like fur. Why not keep your laptop and other whatevers protected from Jack Frost’s chill, too?

Purchase the backpack for ($2,350) here.

Dior’s Diorific Khol, Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Lipstick


In case you forgot, kissing happens under the mistletoe. Be prepared when your time to pucker up arrives.

Purchase the lipstick ($38) here.

MIANSAI’s Eden Earrings in Gold Vermeil

A hint of gold never hurt anybody. 

Purchase the earrings ($195) here.

TRILOGY’s Rosapene Radiance Serum


Winter wind’s a bruiser, beating up skin via cold gusts and breezes.  Whoever gets this can count on it to hydrate and revitalize themselves so that they’ll look more like a knockout than knocked out.   

Purchase the serum ($44) here.  

CHARLOTTE TILBURY's Naughty and Nice Magic Box


Pulling open the doors on this kit reveals cabinets loaded with lipstick, eyeshadows, primers and more to get the recipient of this gift started on the right foot when their putting themselves together.

Purchase the box ($200) here.

REPOSSI's Rose Gold Necklace

A chain from Italian designer Gaia Repossi provides a quiet flash of glory to whoever's neck it's hanging from.

Purchase the necklace here.

Written by Brad Wete, Britton Litow and Kara Powell
Images by Jim Turner